Funraisers is a small team of friends who organise the annual Funraisers Dragon Boat Festival at Bewl Water in Kent. 
There are only four of us (and a border terrier!), and we do it all in our spare time as volunteers.  Our aim is to put on a
spectacular dragon boat race event each year that enables charities to raise money for their causes...and have great fun at the
same time.


Our first event in 1998 was at Bewl Water on the Kent-East Sussex border, and 21 years later we are still delighted to stage the
event at this spectacular setting.  It is a perfect venue for dragon boat racing, as the gentle slope provides an ideal viewing
platform for spectators, and plenty of room for all the off-water activites.


Six years ago we undertook a major update of the website to enable bookings to be taken online, and to make as much of our communication with teams online.  This saved us a lot of time and money...postage and paper were costing us dear!  However,
we are four real people (and a dog!) and are delighted to talk to participants and anyone out there wanting to actually hear a
voice! So if you would like to chat, just drop us an email and we'll either call you back or let you know a number to contact us on.


Kevin Millington does most of the communication with teams before the event, however Caroline Fuggle looks after the site and ensures that the off-water side of things runs like clockwork on the day.  Usually either Kevin or Caroline will follow up your


Our Team

Kevin Caro Geoff
Diana Ruby




Funds Raised

The growth in funds raised over the years has been outstanding:

24 Teams
32 Teams
40 Teams
44 Teams
44 Teams
51 Teams
Festival raised
56 Teams
Festival raised
58 Teams
Festival raised
60 Teams
Festival raised
75 Teams
Festival raised
90 Teams
Festival raised
94 Teams
Festival raised
85 Teams
Festival raised
82 Teams
Festival raised
2012 74 Teams Festival raised £163,000
2013 70 Teams Festival raised £150,000
2014 55 Teams Festival raised £90,000
2015 57 Teams Festival raised £105,000
2016 53 Teams Festival raised £80,000
2017 60 Teams Festival raised £107,000
 Total to date:

The Event Sponsors

We are indebted to those companies who have sponsored the event over the years.


  • 1998 - Invicta Lamb and Insurex
  • 1999 - Barkland, BUPA and Insurex
  • 2000 - AXA PPP healthcare and Insurex
  • 2001 - AXA PPP healthcare, Martello Press, Internet Builders, Insurex
  • 2002 - AXA PPP healthcare, G E Capital, BUPA and Insurex
  • 2003 - AXA PPP healthcare, Fidelity, G E Capital,  Buss Murton, Insurex, The Courier and Greencare
  • 2004 - BUPA Tunbridge Wells, Buss Murton, Ashton Burkinshaw, Fidelity, Insurex Expo-Sure, The
    Courier, The Assembly Hall Theatre and Wilson, Storey Halliday
  • 2005 - BUPA Hospital Tunbridge Wells, NFU Mutual, Greencare,  Fidelity International, Ashton
    Burkinshaw, Insurex Expo-Sure, The Courier, Assembly Hall Theatre
  • 2006 - BUPA Hospital Tunbridge Wells, Fidelity International, Ashton Burkinshaw, Insurex Expo-Sure
    and PopI
  • 2007 - Fidelity International, Ashton Burkinshaw, BUPA Hospital Tunbridge Wells, Woodlands, AXA PPP healthcare, Insurex, PopI, Be*Interactive, The Courier
  • 2008 - AXA PPP healthcare, Fidelity International, Kent Attractions Ltd, PopI, Be*Interactive, The Courier
  • 2009 - Fidelity International, Brondbjerg Design & Development, BWM Associates Ltd, PopI,
    Be*interactive, The Courier, BBM Ltd and Abstract
  • 2010 - Infinity Integrated Technologies (Main Sponsor), Ashdown Park Hotel, Mastercolour,
    B*Interactive, Brondbjerg Design & Development, The Courier
  • 2011 - Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club, bbm, Assembly Hall Theatre, Andrew Newson Photography, B*Interactive, Brondbjerg Design & Development, Strada Tunbridge Wells, The Courier,
    Index Magazine and Coppards.
  • 2012 - AXA PPP healthcare, FAT Promotions, Coppard Plant Hire, Larkins Brewery, Tate Fencing, Kent & Sussex Courier, LPM Bohemia, Bewl Water.
  • 2013 - Barchester, Coppard Plant Hire, Larkins Brewery, Tate Fencing, Kent and Sussex Courier
  • 2014 - Larkins Brewery, Tate Fencing, Kent and Sussex Courier
  • 2015 - Tate Fencing, Kent and Sussex Courier, Burnetts
  • 2016 - The Bespoke Care Company, Tate Fencing, Burnetts
  • 2017 - The Cinnamon Care Collection, Burnetts


The Celebrities

The profile of the Festival has been raised with appearances from many celebrities, which we really appreciate:

  • Great Britain Olympic Gold Rowing Eight
  • Craig Fairbrass
  • Bindya Solanki from EastEnders
  • Jim Shekhdar
  • Beth from Shipwrecked
  • Dez from Castaways
  • Mark Speight
  • The Seven Dwarfs
  • Anita Dobson
  • Liam Dolan
  • Wendi Peters from Coronation Street
  • Shaun Williamson



As with any other event of this type, communication is the key and the local press, radio and television have provided all the help we could wish for. Funraisers are also proud to have been nominated in the 2000 Sussex Awards run by Southern FM and to have won an award at the Invicta FM Kent Awards 2001 for Outstanding Contribution to the Community.