Q How many races will my team have?
A Definitely 3, and 4 if your team reaches the final.
Q Do I have to have exactly 16 paddlers plus a drummer in my team?
A No, you can have as many as you like in the team, all raising sponsorship, and rotate them between the 3 races (4 if you are in the final).   Alternatively, you can paddle with as few as 10 crew members should you be down on numbers.
Q How long is the course?
A The race is run over a course of 250m.
Q Do I get to practise before the race?
A You will have a dummy run on the shore before entering the boat when your helm gives you a briefing and then your team will paddle out to the start line.   There is an opportunity of an hour-long practice on the Friday before the event on Saturday at a cost of £120 per hour.
Q Are the boats supplied?
A Yes, and so are the paddles, drum, lifejackets, and the helm to steer your boat!
Q Are tents supplied for my team to use during the day?
A You must supply your own tent or marquee to use as your base.
Q Are tables for charity stalls provided?
A Again, unfortunately not.
Q Can I split the money raised between two or more charities.
A Yes, it is entirely up to you which charities benefit.   We do, however, need a charity receipt form after the event to verify funds raised and donated.
Q When can set up my tent/marquee?
A Ideally any time from 8am to 7pm on the Friday before.  We will be there on site to help you and show you where your plot is.
Q Can I barbecue?
A No, Bewl Water does not allow barbecues on the site.
Q We are holding a stall.   Can we sell food and drink?
A You can sell cakes, but no other food and drink. This is a ruling made by the catering franchise at Bewl.